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the life and times of a young mother!
i havent posted in a few days because comcast sucks. and my cable… 
8th-Feb-2007 03:17 pm
i havent posted in a few days because comcast sucks. and my cable internet has been off the majority of the time due to their own technical difficulties.

today i introduced lily to hummus. not my good, homemade kind ( i cant find chick peas in our commissary) but the prepackaged, all natural. it was decent but i like mine with a whole lot of garlic and lemon. the more the better. she loves it though.

holy shit.

as i was writing my hummus spiel lily was playing on the end table with a piece of pita bread and a bottle to her cabbage patch. for inspiration i look back at her to realize she is CROUCHING on the table! the little pip managed to climb on top of the table from her playskool push toy. needless to say i got freaked out and yanked her over onto my lap. she is now feeding me with said cabbage patch bottle. for a baby who is still breastfed she is doing really well.

she is also getting over her second double ear infection. she is doing great but she got another yeast infection. i have been overloading her with acidophilus, yogurt and cranberry juice (the 100% juice kind) plus monistat. its clearing up. i just hope everytime she needs anti biotics she doesnt get one.

i have also started doing the day care part time, though i wasnt able to take the certification class. i will be taking it in march. at night i have been watching two boys, age 9 and 18months. their dad is in the field and their mom works dispatch. she drops them off and i put them to bed. and the only one who has a problem with this is lily because they sleep in her room, the older one on our old full size bed and the baby in her pack and play. i have also had my friend jo dee's son the past two days during the day. the extra money will be going to valentine's day because the army gave us more money for travel pay. (teehee i like the army) so our bills are taken care of.

my digi cam still isnt back from sony which blows. if mike gets his bonus i think im just gonna buy a digi video camera. and the baby is forcing me to eat the rest of her pita bread.
9th-Feb-2007 03:19 am (UTC)
I'm not sure I've given Ava hummus before, but I think I'll try it next time I buy it. It's funny you mentioned acidophilus milk because the first time I ever heard of it was on that show Two and a Half Men last night! lol.

Sounds like you've been really busy babysitting!
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