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the life and times of a young mother!
i hate my new layout and im too lazy to change it. so i apologize to… 
14th-Feb-2007 11:48 am
i hate my new layout and im too lazy to change it. so i apologize to anyone that checks my page out and is like wtf?

last night mike and i went on a shopping spree. our state taxes came in and they were $1400! i love nyc. i love their eic tax credit. we had used our federal return to pay off stuff and buy important things for the house so just being able to go crazy was nice. though mike felt guilty afterwards. im working now so im not totally worried. we never go shopping anymore because of our budget. and we are good about sticking to it. so extra money is like w00t.

well first off i wish i had my digi cam back from sony. mike went to zales and i got this gorgeous blue topaz and diamond ring for venereal disease day. blue topaz is lily's birth stone so its significant. i was looking at aquamarine rings but the color was blah and mike really liked the blue topaz one.

we went to barnes n noble and i got weird georgia and mike got another graphic novel.

and then we went to best buy.

mike has wanted the wii. so i wanted to get it for him for v day. i ask the dumbass in the gaming section and she said they had no more. this was the third store we went to (we went to eb games and gamestop at the oglethorpe mall). so mike said forget it. we are getting a cable box hooked up in our bedroom tomorrow and i wanted a bigger tv because you cant enjoy cable on a 13 in television. so we go and find a nice 20 in flatscreen for 87 bucks (its not a true plasma, it still has the tube but the screen is flat). we then decide to get mikes dvd rack for his gazillions of dvds. so we are about the check out when the girl on line behind me is holding a WII! i flip and mike flips and she told me, sure there are plenty left. so i run to the gaming section like a madwoman (best buy was about to close) and i get the wii, the gaming pack with the extra controller (you need two controllers this system is addictive) and zelda.

560 bucks later and we were out of best buy.

today he is at the range and since we are saving the last 600 of our tax return im making dinner. i made him a homemade pound cake that im going to drizzle homemade chocolate glaze on. and i have champagne and im making a pork loin, some mashed potatoes and some veggies for dinner. plus i want to spend v day with lily since she is our valentine. so it turned out to be a nicer day than expected. though i wish lily wouldnt wake up at the crack of dawn.
14th-Feb-2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
We wanted to get a Wii, but couldn't find one either. I hope you enjoy it!
15th-Feb-2007 03:08 pm (UTC)
it is great. we were up last night til 12 playing the bowling and wii sports.

i hope you find one soon!
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