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the life and times of a young mother!
condoms: yea but they are remnants of the days before i got my iud.… 
21st-Feb-2007 06:41 am

condoms: yea but they are remnants of the days before i got my iud. so we dont use them
Cell phone: yes, mike charges his phone in there because it doubles as an alarm clock.
Chair/stool: not yet. once all the boxes get un packed i want to get an arm chair
Book shelf: well mike uses the hutch as one but not technically
Dresser: Yes.
Computer/laptop: i have wireless so i can go into the bedroom
Bean bag: nope
Pictures: yes
Mirror: yes.
Skateboard: no
Bed: yes
Clothes on the floor: no, mike just throws his clothing on the remaining boxes in there and it drives me up
Smoke detector: nope its in the hallway
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: no
Locking door: yes
Bottle of water: its usually a glass of water
Black light: no
CDs: yea but they are in boxes
Flag: nope
Stop sign/any sign: nope
Real Gun: No.
Cigarettes: no, no smoking in the house
Pot: no, but mike wishes there was
Any drug: tylenol cold.
Alcohol: no but i did throw out two beer bottles from there yesterday
Books: yep
Stereo: no, we use our dvd player as a cdplayer
Television: Yes. and a cable box too
Gum: yea! mike left a pack of orbit next to the tv

How many windows do you have in your room? 1.
What are the color of your walls? white blah
Your curtains? no curtians either blinds
Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom? i get dressed in my room, the rest happens in the bathroom
What color are your bed sheets? burgundy
Your bedspread or comforter? is there a difference?
What's on your walls? nothing yet. mike and i saw two great prints down on river street we want to get for the room
Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? god i hope mike is of the opposite sex
Has the same sex slept in your bed. no, well lily has so she counts.
Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you? mike and tousie
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