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the life and times of a young mother!
mike went into the field today. i have been up since 5 with him and… 
21st-Feb-2007 09:15 am
mike went into the field today. i have been up since 5 with him and i didnt sleep last night as it was. wasnt because i ws upset he ws going into the field i was just thinking about deployments and the one coming up. and i was wondering how ill handle it. i kno, ultimately, i will survive but how hard is it going to be. so my brain is racing now fueled by three cups of coffee and when i say cups i mean 20 oz travel mugs. its scary and all because the weeks fly by. before i kno it it is friday again and the soup is coming on that night. and before i kno it the months are going to turn to weeks and then days and *poof* he will be gone.

lily is being a pita. i love her but she is a drama queen. right now im fighting her off my laptop which she insists on touching. and she gets all mad and baby yells at me which is cute and i cant really get upset at it but i wish she would just chill a little bit. the boy i babysit for is so laid back and lily is just not. i can put him in the pack n play with a a sippy of water and he will pass right out. we have a ritual to get lily to sleep and mike is the main player in it (another apprehention about his leaving) and its not fun.

i cant complain about last night, she actually slept through. i think she knew daddy needed her sleep. the night before she was up every 4 hours :O

now the field wont be so bad. he is gone today for 28 hours and he comes back and i off tomorrow, maybe friday and sat. sunday he goes back in and then i think its like tues and thurs. pretty much 24 on 24 off.

i need to sleep.
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